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28 Februari, 2011

BMI Calculator

Your BMI is: 46.4

Target weight range: 45.0 - 60.8 kg

YOU Downarrow_black 46.4


Body Mass Index
less - 18.518.5 - 25.025.0 - 30.030.0 - more
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How Atkins Diet Works?

The theory of Atkins diet was based on overweight people eat too many carbs. Carbs, in the form of glucose, is the first fuel used to provide energy to our body. Dr Atkins suggests that when we reduce our intake of carbs significantly, our body convert from burning carbs to burning fat as fuel. This process is known as lipolysis. The secondary result of this process is ketosis. Ketosis is a state in which body burns fat as fuel. When fat is burned for fuel, ketones are released through the breath and urine. This is how we lose weight through Atkins Diet Plan.

Atkins diet focuses on the consumption of nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods and vitamin-nutrient supplementation. It restricts consumption of food which is high of processed or refined carbs and sugar which increase body's production of insulin. The impairment of the hormone insulin's inability to do its jobs of processing fuel or fats and sugar properly is termed as insulin resistance. As a result body store more fat than it should. By reducing bad-carbs, the insulin-resistance starts cleaning up on its own. Weight begin to decrease, and body begins metabolizing carbs properly eventually preventing more fat from being formed. So, Atkins' plan suggests that by drastically reducing carbs and eating more protein and fat, our bodies naturally lose weight by burning stored body fat more efficiently.

Beside that, by modifying your diet you won't feel hungry between meal simply because you have maintain an even blood sugar level. Your cravings for carbs will subside and you won't miss the foods you are doing without.

As a result of The Atkins diet eating plan, not only will you lose weight -- and no starving -- with a low-carbohydrate diet, but you'll also be on the road to better heart health, as well as other wellness benefits.

High Protein / Low Carb Advantages

Eating a high protein diet may lead to a steadying of blood sugar levels. Also, it will initially lead to faster-than-average weight loss.

Atkins Diet - Protein

Protein is a vital nutrient which is essential to our health. It is made up of smaller units called amino acids. There are 22 amino acids commonly found in plant and animal proteins that combine to form different proteins, and .8 of these must come from the foods we eat. Amino acids are simple compounds containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and occasionally sulphur. Proteins are essential for growth and repair. They play a vital role in virtually all biological processes in the body. All enzymes are proteins and are vital for the body's metabolism. Our body uses these amino acids to create muscles, blood, skin, hair, nails and internal organs. Proteins help replace and form new tissue, transports oxygen and nutrients in our blood and cells, regulates the balance of water and acids, and is needed to make antibodies. Protein can also provide a source of energy. Generally the body uses carbohydrate and fat for energy but when there is excess dietary protein or inadequate dietary fat and carbohydrate, protein is used. Excess protein may also be converted to fat and stored.

According to the American Heart Association and the National Institutes of Health, an adult needed 50-60 grams of protein. Our body only needs 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight. To calculate the exact amount needed, multiply your ideal weight by 0.36. This will be the optimum daily protein requirement in grams. Since the amount of protein needed depends on the amount of lean body mass and not fat, ideal weight is used instead of actual weight. Infants, children, pregnant and nursing women require more protein.

Most foods contain at least some protein. Good sources of protein include grains, nuts and seeds, pulses, soya products, cereals , free-range eggs and some dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt.

Induction Phase
The induction phase lasts for a minimum of two weeks. This is the strictest and crucial phase. Dieters can expect to lose 10% of excess weight during the first 14 days of induction. The purpose of induction is to induce weight loss by changing your body's chemistry so that you will achieve lipolysis/ketosis, switching dieters metabolism to one that primarily burns fat for energy.

What to Expect In Atkins Induction Phase

At the beginning of induction phase, you will be withdrawing from sugar and caffeine. For these substances to leave your system, it may takes around 3 to 7 days. During this period, you may find that withdrawal from these substances causes you to have nausea, headaches, "brain fog" , diarrhea, and muscle cramps. This is also known as "induction flu." If you suffer from these symptoms take heart- they are very temporary. Soon, you will wake up fresher and more energetic than you’ve had in years, your moods will stabilize, and your hunger will disappear.

Outcome of Atkins Induction Phase

By following Atkins induction phase accordingly dieters will see the following outcomes at the end of the period:
·        Efficiently switch dieters body from a carbs-burning metabolism to a primarily fat-burning metabolism.
·        Stabilize blood sugar and abruptly halt a myriad of symptoms indicative of unstable blood sugar.
·        Curb dieters cravings.
·        Break addictions to foods such as sugar, wheat or corn derivatives, alcohol, caffeine, grain or any other food.
·        Let you experience the metabolic advantage.
·        Demonstrate how much body fat you can burn, while eating liberally, even luxuriously, off the fat of the land.

It is recommend that you follow Induction phase until you have lost half of your ideal before proceeding to the next phase i.e. Phase two :Ongoing Weight Loss phase.

Phase 2 -- Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL)

After successfully completed Atkins induction phase, it's time to proceed to the next stage--On Going Weight Loss (OWL). Under OWL, add carbs, in the form of nutrient-dense and fiber-rich foods . Dieters will have to establish personal Critical Carbohydrate Level for Losing (CCLL) which is critical in order to sustained weight loss. Once the CCLL level being ascertain, dieter should eat under that amount of carbohydrates each day. Simply add foods in 5-gram increments each week. For instance, week 1 OWL, you’ll eat 25 grams of carbs each day, on Week 2 you’ll have 30 grams of carbs each day, etc. Keep Doing adding 5-gram of carbs until you stop losing weight. There’s dieter personal CCLL. Dieter must eat under that number of carbohydrates each day in order to lose weight. Any amount more than that mean gaining of weight. Every one has a different CCLL. it depends on one must eat under that number of carbs each day in order to lose weight.

Outcome of Atkins Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL) Phase
·        Help dieters to gain control of diet.
·        Burn more fat.
·        Give dieters the option to select which foods to eat based on your need to achieve weight loss and weight maintenance.
·        Enjoy good health and prevent disease.

Phase 3 -- Pre-Maintenance

Once you have reach your ideal weight, you will need to proceed to the third phase of Atkins Diet i.e. Pre-maintenance. This is a crucial phase as its prepare you for permanent slimness. During this phase, weight loss will slow down and under control in preparation for Lifetime Maintenance. What you have to do is identified your Critical Carbohydrate Level for Maintaining (CCLM) in much the same way you did with CCLL during OWL. Add 10 grams of carb daily. It may take some time to fine-tune your critical carb levels for losing and maintaining.
Add new foods slowly, one at a time, and discover the impact of various foods on your body. You could allow yourself up to 20-gram carbohydrate treat a few times a week. You could also choose to spread your carbs over the course of the week, having very low carbs for a few days before a special dinner out.

This phase of Atkins is the hardest one of all, because you need to learn to control your portions and your appetite. Once you begin to eat more carbohydrates, you will go out of lipolysis. When you are out of lipolysis, you will again be subject to cravings. You’re learning the eating skills that will serve you well for the rest of your life. You can help control your appetite by not skipping meals and by not eating carbohydrates without protein and fat to slow the rush of glucose into your bloodstream.

In order to prevent craving, choose from the lower-glycemic index foods list.

Glycemic Index

The glycemic index is a ranking of carbohydrates based on their immediate effect on blood blood sugar level. It measures how fast a particular food is likely to raise your blood sugar. Carbohydrates that breakdown quickly during digestion have the highest glycemic indexes. The blood glucose response is fast and high. On the other hand, carbohydrates that break down slowly, releasing glucose gradually into the blood stream, have low glycemic indexes.

Atkins Diet Phase 4 -- Lifetime Maintenance

Congratulations! You have reached your targeted weight. you are now proceeding the final stage of Atkins Diet, phase four: Lifetime Maintenance. Enjoy your more liberal dietary intake, but don't fall back into your old eating habits. What you have to do is simply following your Critical Carbohydrate Level for Maintenance. Your best carbohydrate level is the one on which you can be happiest and healthiest without experiencing cravings and regaining weight. You may now add more foods to your plan with the exception of sugar. Follow your CCLM and you will maintain your new weight within 2 or 3 pounds. However, there is a natural fluctuation of around 3 pounds due to hormonal fluctuations in your body.

It may be unrealistic to think that once you’ve reached your goal weight, you will never again overindulge, but there are ways to minimize the damage. While maintaining you weight loss, you also must
·        overcome your previous bad habits.
·        learn to deal with stress.
·        make the correct food choices
·        learn coping strategies for holidays
·        knowing how to order what you need at restaurants.
·        Set weight control as a goal and constant priority in your life
·        Adequate exercises.
Atkins Diet - Weight Loss Tips (Atkins Diet Tips)

• Make a realistic weight loss goal. Ensure that you are fully committed to the Atkins Diet weight loss plan. The weight loss plan might be tough at the induction stage but it wasn't so if you have the determination to achieve your goal.

• Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day. Water is necessary for the metabolism of your stored fat.

• Do not skip meals and eat at Normal meal times. Disruption of normal meal-times will result in blood sugar to drop and hunger to increase over the course thus lead you to overeat when food finally arrives.

• Choose decaffeinated beverages. Limit your intake of caffeine-containing beverages to 1 cup a day. Caffeine leads to an increase of insulin in your body that retards the burning of your stored fat and can make you crave sugar.

• Healthier ways of preparing your food: - Roasted, grilled, braised, baked, steamed, sautéed BUT not frying.

• Commit to exercise a couple of times a week. Exercise will help to increase body's metabolism thus speed up weight loss, promote overall fitness.

• Learn your food nutrition fact labels. This is very important so that you can familiarize yourself with carb counts and understand how your body respond to each individual food is a key to success in your weight loss and maintaining weight lose plan.

• Leads a normal and healthy life. Your life depends on your health. Be aware that if you can't enjoy life, family or beauty without good health.

• Share your Atkins Diet weight loss plan with family members and friends. Having support from someone close to you can be very important, you might end up achieving more than a weight loss plan.

• Prepare yourself with an eating plan and progress chart for evaluation. This will help in monitoring how well and efficient the plan is doing.


Atkins Nutritional Approach / Atkins Diet

Thanx kpd penulis asal yg perkenalkan diet ni Galabriel dan lepas aku buat research betul2 pasal diet ni dan tawu lebih lanjut lagi pasal diet ni,baru aku buat blog ni,so,kalau nk tahu ape2 pasal diet ni,tgk blog ni ok..edited by dzul on 25 mac 2010...

SELAMAT DATANG KE .....woohooO!!

Peringatan: Pregnant ladies dan wanita yang sedang menyusu baby tidak digalakkan mengamalkan Atkins Diet!!! Consult doctor anda sebelum mengamalkan diet ini...!

Atkins Diet ialah jenis pemakanan sihat yang diperkenalkan oleh Dr. Robert C. Atkins untuk membantu korang mengurangkan berat badan dengan menggunekan konsep mengurangkan karbohidrat...Cerite banyak pun tak gune kan kalo takde bukti? Nanti korang kate aku saje je wat crite sebab nak standby April fool untuk korang..aiseh..tgk nih...
Gamba di bawah ialah gamba aku sendiri,kalo korang rase aku tipu dan ini gamba korang,tahniah,korang ialah kembar aku:D

Bile kite mengurangkan pegambilan karbohidrat,badan kite akan mule membakar lemak sebagai tenage...macam yg kite slalu blaja kat skula rendah yg diajar oleh cikgu sains kite,badan kite perlukan karbohidrat sebagai tenage...seperti ape yg rakyat malaysia amalkan sekarang,kite mengambil jumlah karbohidrat yg amat tinggi...TINGGI PUNYE!!!
So,ape yang berlaku?bile kite melakukan keje atau pun bersenam,badan akan membakar karbohidrat sebagai bahanapi(betul ke aku eje).... so,ape jadi dengan lemak2 dalam badan kite? Ia akan maintain dalam badan kite,,,plus,kite makan lagi lemak,lagi la bertambah....kan3?
Jadi,bile badan kite membakar lemak sebagai bahanapi ataupn tenage,automatik la lemak dalam badan kite akan berkurang dan menyebabkan!!! Kite lebih hensem dari dulu...:D

Dr. Atkins dah pn perkenalkan diet ni dari taon 70an lagi,tp tak dpt sambutan sebab ketike itu ramai menggunekan diet Low Fat...bile mengamalkan low fat,kite akan berase lebih lapar dan susa untuk kite maintainkan berat,walaupun kite menggunekan low fat,tapi kite stil mengambil karbohidrat yg tnggi,jadi,lemak tak akan bertambah dan tak akan,macam mane nk kurus?? jumpe bomoh?
Atkins diet terbahagi kpd 4 peringkat

1. Induction (permulaan dan pengenalan) 2 minggu atau lebih, mengikut keadaan dan berat badan.
2. Ongoing Weight Loss (penyusutan berat berterusan)
3. Pre-maintenance
4. Lifetime Maintenance
*Induction sekurang kurangnye 2 minggu..itu kalau setakat nak kurang 2-3 kg boleh la...kalau banyak nak turun,lame la induction ok?

Induction ialah bahagian yang paling penting dalam atkins kerane ia ialah tapak asas kepade diet ini...tak buat induction,sori,gemuk la smpai bebile...huhu...

Ape yang berlaku tyme induction? Berlakunye proses KETOSIS..proses dimane badan menukar daripade menggunekan karbohidrat sebagai tenage kepade menggunekan lemak sebagai tenage..waktu ni memang biase kalau korang rase lapa sebab ini adelah perubahan drpd pemakanan x senonoh yang korang buat...tapi percaye cakap aku,korang takkan rase lapar da selepas itu sebab dalam diet atkins nih,calory tak dikire...jadi,makanlah seekor ayam pun kalau suke dan banyak duet...huhu..:D

Untuk induction,20 gram karbohidrat sehari sahaje dibenarkan..
Biasenye penurunan berat badan yang mendadak akan berlaku ketike induction,dan lebih bagus jike diteruskan berterusan untuk jangke mase yg lame...

Semasa 2 Minggu Induction:


2.) Elakkan Roti, roti berserat, roti bun, rotiBoy, roti canai, roti jala, roti bakar, roti pastries dan apa2 yang sebangsa dengannya.

3.) Elakkan Gula - gula pasir, gula melaka, gula merah, madu, gula-gula dan apa-apa yang bergula tinggi.

4.) Elakkan Buah-buahan

5.) Elakkan minuman bergula, jus buah-buahan, air bergas (coke, pepsi, 100plus, etc)

6.) Elakkan snek seperti Twisties, biskut manis, nachos, popcorn, jeruk manis.

7.) Elakkan segala bentuk kacang untuk 2 minggu. Tak kira kacang biasa, gajus, kuah kacang, dhal,ataupun kacang je soalan exam....

8.) Elakkan makanan berproses seperti kentang goreng, bebola ikan, bebola sotong.

9.) Elakkan makanan bertepung seperti kek, biskut, kuih-muih.


Boleh Makan:

1.) Ayam - panggang, steam, bakar, sup, satay, digoreng tanpa tepung.

2.) Semua ikan - sama macam ayam, boleh grill, steam, goreng tanpa tepung. Tak kira ikan salmon, pari, tenggiri, terubok, ikan bilis...

3.) Semua daging - rusa, lembu, kambing - buat steak, satay grill, sup ekor, daging bakar, disalai... asalkan halal.

4.) Udang - bakar, tomyam, goreng dgn cili boh, etc. Elakkan sotong coz karbohidrat tinggi.

5.) Sayur..kebiasaannya sayur yang kurang carbs berwarna hijau..semangkuk maksimum sehari..

6.) Cheese Slice..hadkan 2-3 keping sehari..

7.) Air kosong, air mineral -minum 8 gelas atau lebih sehari..kenape? air boleh bantu untuk pembakaran kalori dan penghadaman makanan..

8.) *edit...jangan ambil daging burger..carbs agak tinggi..kecuali brand beef pride..carbs rendah..tapi hargenye mahal,4keping rm8..ade bran nak beli? huhu

10.) Makan supplement dan vitamin seperti spirullina dan multi-vitamins untuk menambahkan lagi tenaga dan kuatkan daya ketahanan badan.
Diingatkan! Air bole cepatkan proses pembakaran kalori..jadi,minum!!! Banyak!! Air kosong k...
AIr mestilah lebih daripade 10 gelas sehari dan mesti diminum sebelum makan atau pun ketike dalam keadaan perut kosong...
Mesti air kosong..kalau minum air manis,boleh la buat blog pulak...huhu

Jangan lupa makan sarapan, tengahari dan makan malam. Makan malam sebelum jam 9 malam. Jangan ponteng makan!

Contoh sarapan / Breakfast
1.) Telur rebus - 1 biji - (0.6 grams carb)
2.) Chicken slice - 2-3 keping - (0.0 grams carb)
3.) Air suam - 1-2 glass - (0 gram carb)
4.) Keju - 2 keping - (1 gram carb)

Makan Tengahari / Malam
1.) Ikan panggang - 1-2 keping - (0 gram Carb)
2.) Sup Ayam - 1 mangkuk - (0.5 - 1 gram Carb)
3.) Ayam goreng - 1-2 ketul - (0.5 - 1 gram Carb)
4.) Sayur-sayuran hijau - 1 mangkuk - (1 - 3 grams Carb)
5.) Telur goreng - 1-2 biji - (1 - 1.5 gram Carb)

Carb = Karbohidrat
Jangan lebih drp 20 grams Carb sehari kalau nak kurus!

Nasi - 1 pinggan penuh = 88 grams Carb !

InsyaAllah, try diet ni selama 2 minggu,hasil yg mendadak akan kelihatan...fuyoh!

25 Februari, 2011

untuk rujukan ita nanti...

Calorie Content of Malaysian Food

Do you know how much calories there are in Malaysian food? Here's a rough guide that may surprise you...

 Very High (>600 cal)  
 Fried Rice with chicken, egg & vegetable 1 plate 330
 High (401-600 cal)  
 Bandung Noodles/Kueh Tiau 1 bowl 330
 Curry Mee 1 bowl 450
 Nasi Dagang 1 bowl 410
 Mee Hoon Bandung 1 bowl 250
 Nasi Beriani (rice only) 1 plate 450
 Oily Rice 1 plate 245
 Medium (101-400 cal)  
 Nasi Lemak 1 plate 230
 Noodle Soup 1 bowl 563
 Roti Telur 1 piece 135
 Fried Kueh Tiau  1 plate 170
 Chapati 1 piece 100
 Fried Mee Hoon 1 plate 170
 Fried Noodles 1 plate 170
 Chicken Rice 1 plate 250
 Thosai 1 piece 80
 Low (0-100 cal)  
 Idlii 1 piece 75
 Putu Mayam 1 piece 50

EPAL MAMPU SUSUTKAN LEMAK TANPA BERDIET (ita nak try buat ne untuk join contest noor cahaya ne)

mengurangkan berat badan semudah 1-2-3.
Perbahasa lama Barat ‘makan sebiji epal sehari, tidak perlu melawati doktor’ umum sudah mengetahui. Tetapi kini rombakan saranan itu terkandung dalam Program 3-epal sehari, ini kerana mampu menyusutkan berat badan sebanyak beberapa paun. Beberapa tahun lepas, di Bandar Wenatchee, Washington, Amerika Syarikat, berat badan penduduk di situ mula susut, bukan disebabkan kurang makan, diet terkini atau pil pelangsingan tetapi melalui perubahan gaya hidup yang mendatangkan hasil cukup mengejutkan.
           Seorang wanita susut 19 paun lemak badannya sepanjang 12 minggu. Manakala seorang lelaki pula berjaya susut 35 paun dalam jangkamasa yang sama. Keseluruhannya seramau 346 orang mengikuti program tersebut susut lebih daripada 6,000 paun lemak dalam masa 12 minggu. Bagaimana ia berlaku? Dengan hanya memakan tiga biji Washington Apples sehari, disamping program pemakan dan senaman yang seimbang.

     Diilhamkan Pakar Pemakanan Berdaftar
          Tammi Flynn, ketika itu menjawat pengarah nutrisi sebuah gim tampatan, menemui formula unik ini. Salah seorang pelanggannya, yang tiada hasil dari program dietnya – malah bertambah lapar disebabkan terpaksa mengurangkan makanan, mengamalakan memakan sebiji epal sebelum setiap waktu makan. Hasilnya, dia berjaya menyusutkan satu setengah paun dalam hanya satu minggu. Flynn mencuba kaedah sama ke atas pelanggannya yang lain dan ia menampakkan hasil yang hebat. Kejayaan saranan itu menyakinkan seramai 346 penduduk Wenatchee, mereka menyertai program diet itu dan memakan lebih daripada 87,000 biji Washington Apples selam 12 minggu. Sepanjang tempoh ini mereka susut sejumlah 6,126 paun lemak.

      Program ‘3-Epal-Sehari’ merupakan satu kejayaan
            Mudah dan ringkasnya petua saranan program ‘3-Epal-sehari’ menjadikan program ini cara terbaik bagi menyusutkan berat badan. Ia tidak melibatkan diet; sekadar diminta memakan sebiji epal sebelum sarapan, tengah hari dan malam. Disamping itu, pengambilan snek berkhasiat sepanjang hari dan senaman berkala membolehkan penurunan lemak badan. Tiada ‘pakej makanan siap’ mahal untuk anda beli, memadai hanya Washington Apples yang berkhasiat. Ia boleh dibeli pasaraya atau kedai buah-buahan segar berhampiran. Kajian terbaru Universiti California-Davis menyokong peranan epal dalam penyusutan lemak badan. Disebabkan Washington Apples mengandundi banyak fiber – malah sebanyak 4 hingga 5 gram terkandung dalam sebiji epal – ia membantu mengurangkan rasa lapar dan bertindak sebagai peningkat daya susutan lemak. Gula semulajadi dalam epal juga menahan keinginan memakan makanan yang mengandungi kandungan yang tinggi gula prosesnya. Program pemakanan itu, selain dari Washington apples, melibatkan karbohidrat, protein ringkas, buah-buahan dan sayuran dan disertai sedikit kandungan lemak penting.

    Ø     Sarapan pagi: telur dadar berkejudan secawan bubur.
Ø     Makan tengah hari: dada ayam salai dengan brokoli kukus dan  setengah cawan beras perang.
Ø      Makan malam: salad salmon salai.

                 Oleh kerana buah epal menghimpunkan lebih banyak air di dalam perut, menyebabkan rasa kenyang kekal lebih lama. Suruhanjaya Washington Apples menyarankan orang ramai yang hendak mengurangkan berat badan memakan sebiji epal 30 minit sebelum menjamah makanan bagi mengurangkan kelaparan. Jika mengurangkan berat badan adalah antara azam tahun baru anda, penyelesaiannya semudah 1…2…3 Washington Apples sehari. Tidak mustahil, dengan menuruti program ‘3-Epal-Sehari’ dan menghindari diet ‘popular’, penggantian makanan yang mahal dan kelaparan dipaksa, anda akan mengalami perubahan keseluruhan penampilan anda! Washington Apples kini boleh didapati pasar raya besar dan kedai runcit segar di seluruh Malaysia. Pelbagai pilihan termasuklah Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, CrippsPink, Btaburn dan Cameo.

1. Bersukan atau bersenaman diantara 30-60 minit setiap hari.
2. Kurangkan pengambilan gula dan karbohidrat ( Hindari makanan dan minuman yang mempunyai gula yg banyak dan masin )
3. Kurangkan jumlah makanan kepada 50% ( Akan tetapi pada hari Sabtu dan Ahad makan lebih sikit )
4. Banyak minum air putih/kosong.
5. Hindari makanan yang terlalu berminyak.
6. Makan lebih banyak ikan dan kurangkan daging.
7. Makan lebih sayur dan buah-buahan.
 Akhir sekali, selamat berjuang dan jangan mudah berputus asa. Anda mungkin tergoda untuk mengabaikan sukan atau senaman dan mahu makan lebih. Tetapi kawallah diri anda dan fikirkanlah kebaikannya. Yakin boleh pasti boleh..

Di olah kembali dari Sumber : Majalah Anis ( Mei 2008)

17 Februari, 2011

jom join

jom kekawan ada contest baru...jom join...he..he

Selepas fikir sedalam2nya, i created contest diet. Sebab utama we need support from each other.

Dibawah adalah beberapa Terms & Conditions
  1. Peserta Perempuan atau Lelaki hanya mempunyai BMI tinggi saja boleh join. Dia mestilah overweight or obes. Boleh cek sendri di - BMI CALCULATOR LINK

  2. Diet berpandu pada kalori kita ambil dalam sehari. Tidak boleh lebih 1200kl/day. Kalau terlebih tak pe, tiada penyingkiran dalam contest ini, yang penting jujur, kalo berat naik tu sila tanggung sendiri.
  3. Wajib create account di utk update FOOD DIARY. Tak main taip2 sirik dalam post. Tidak faham boleh tanya saya.
  4. Ubat diet or supplement dibenarkan. Risiko atas anda sendiri.
  5. Peserta update gambar, berat(ada pic timbang ok) dan tinggi terkini pada 01/03/2011. Kemudian dikehendaki update blog setiap hari atau lumpsum pon boleh sbb FOOD DIARY hari2 kene update, nnt leh printscreen post semua sekali kat blog nnt. Berat di ambil setiap pagi SELASA.

Macam mana nak register contest ini?
  • Sila follow blog ini dan copy paste gambar ini di blog anda.
  • Sila buat bayaran sebanyak RM10.00 sahaja di
Account No : 01220017953528
Bank : CIMB

Hadiah ????Duit bayaran akan dikumpul. Hanya pemenang no 1, 2, dan 3 akan menerima sebyk 50%, 30% dan 20% dari bayaran atau duit terkumpul itu. Harap ramailah masuk, jadi wang pon besar.

Saya sangat2 berharap, dengan diet berkumpulan lebih berjaya. Ape lagik jom join. Tinggalkan

09 Februari, 2011

alhamdulilah...syukur...harap2 lebih bersemangat untuk teruskan misi...amin...

aTuesday, February 8, 2011

pemenang-pemenang SNTN!!!

setelah di tambah tolak..tambah tolak..maka..sekarang tibalah masanya untuk umumkan pemenang2 SNTN musim pertama ni..haha..(mcm ada musim lain jek)..:P
ini adalah senarai pemenang2 SNTN ok!

tempat pertama...............AM (-13.8KG)
tempat kedua..................NUJIE (-7.8KG)
tempat ketiga..................ANITADIANA (-5.7KG)

agar tidak menghampakan para peserta..hadiah SAGUHATI ada saya sediakan..untuk SEMUA PESERTA-PESERTA yg bertahan hingga ke akhir pertandingan...:)

dengan ini...para pemenang akan dapat wang tunai yg dijanjikan ..pada yg menang saguhati (termasuk tuanrumah) hadiah korang bukan duit la ye..harap maklum..hahaha...

pemenang2 saguhati sekalian silalah bagi nama dan alamat korang. 

pada pemenang tempat 1,2,3 bagi no akaun bank + nama penuh sekali..


TQ kapada AINI selaku penganjur...dan semua teman2 dalam menjayakan misi masing2 dalam menurunkan berat badan..berat ita sikit aje turun ne..harap boleh turun ke 2angka 99kg...amin...

07 Februari, 2011

melantak tak ingat...he..he

disebabkan dah abis SNTN....ita dah makan nasi balik kg masa cuti tahun baru cina ne...makan tak ingat ....sampai hubby kata berbulan ,ne 4 ari naik mcm mula2 berdiet..ita ckp ..biar lah ne meraikan kejayaan..nanti start balik.....mana boleh tahan masakan emak..last balik dulu hari raya bedal lah mak masak...paling sodap di dunia...ari ne start balik tak makan nasi...tak timbang...saje..nak tengok minggu depan..harap2 boleh turun lagi......

kekawan tak ada sesiapa nak jadi penganjur untuk SNTN ...dengan ada nya contest mcm ne..dispilin sendiri buat tu suka hati aje lah...

cik aini tak nak sambung lagi ke....kalu buat kak ita nak join tau...nanti bagi tahu kak ita ok......